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Staff Presence

Birthday feast on April


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,..." , with familiar with birthday song, more than 20 "the god of longevity" together the slit carefully custom cake, suddenly, a warm applause, one of the young face with each other in the blessings of just a smile...

On April 30, binzhou grand hotel co., LTD. In sight sea hall in April for the birthday staff held a birthday party. The birthday party, recreation department director Mr. KongGang, engineering department chief engineer on behalf of the company WangFeng personally present, from a glass of wine, to each birthday "the god of longevity" give sincere the birthday wishes.

We taste the sweet cakes and delicious food, to share the joy of the birthday, feeling the warmth of home.

Company staff care of the difficult situation, make the staff to enhance the sense of belonging, enhance employee relationship and friendship, but also promote the communication and understanding each other. Jointly build a harmonious, unity, and progress in the team.