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Tug of war a happy holiday


On March 8, 2012, to celebrate the arrival of the 38 women's days, let the female colleague through a warm happy holiday, binzhou grand hotel trade union held a "tug of war a happy holiday" as the theme of the tug of war competition activities.

Before the start of the game, the trade union chairman ZhaoWeiLi for each player on the festival's greetings and announced the activity began, in the spirit of "solidarity, friendship first, competition second" principle, players high spirit into a site, each player's face are written filled with excitement and tension, whistle rang, all the players immediately taut nerve, two arm force, feet step on real, with song together hard, "just a little, just a little!" "Come on! Come on!" Players try very hard to work hard, gave the edge cheerleaders cheer, the game immediately buried in ZhuWeiSheng, JiaoHaoSheng, among the slogan.

The game "ll use the knock-out system, winning two of the three innings. Is divided into seven teams, after fierce competition, room service team to win, recreation team won second prize, the trade union chairman zhao, trade union committee HeRuiNa team to win issued gifts, immersed in the joy of the ocean.

The tug of war, strengthened the team cooperation spirit, gathering the company internal unity strength, fully display the grand hotel employee positive mental outlook, the company female employees had a sweet and happy holiday.