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Staff Presence

' Binzhou Hotel, the first season 's championship ' was held successfully


Foractive employees ofamateur sports,enhance theirlifephysical quality,corporate culture and prosperity,Binzhou HotelLimitedcompany in May 17, 2012four p.m. on the BinzhouHotelSouthbasketball courtheld "BinzhouHotel,the first seasonbasketballtournament".Thecompetition is divided intomanagementgroup(manager level and above)and staffgroup,Binzhou HotelLimited company general manager Mr Yang Xulongalso participated in thiscompetition.

Whistle at the start of the game,competitionbegins.Basketball competitionwarm atmosphere,the playersactiveattack,strict defense,a wonderful combinationandcleverlystealsdriven bypassion'staff,as the audience,although not personallytake part in the game,butalsovery devoted,ashisteamgas.Two groups ofplayersin basketballlivetiger,valiant and heroic in bearing.After 40minutes of intense competition,employeegroup achievedBinzhou hotelfirst seasonbasketballchampionship.

Through this activity,increasedemployeelove for basketball,enhance friendship,strengthencooperation,increasethe cohesion of the team.Union presidentZhao Weili said,willorganizesuch activities.