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Binzhou Hotel Qingdao Beer Festival opening warm friends! ! !


June 201315 June2013,Binzhou Hotel-New ZealandBBQ Place, joinTsingtao Brewerylaunched a massiveportrait offeedback activities-"drinkTsingtaobeer,taste the localcuisine,watch the wonderfulperformances."

The evening of 9June 201319:00,apassion,charmbabeswater drumdance, openedBinzhou HotelQingdao Beer Festivalcurtain.Moments,scenesscatteredhops, passionflamesignitedthe audiencecheering,Binzhou Hotel7-daybeercarnival feastgrand opening, the entireOktoberfestSquareimmersed inasea ofrevelry.

The event,Binzhou HotelDepending onthe nature ofactivities that willbe divided intodiningbarbecueplazasite productionarea,performance area, beertastingzone and so on.In thefood and beveragelive productionarea,Binzhou HotelPlazacooksbarbecuechefsare workinghardto provide customers withall kinds ofskewers, a variety ofseafood,deliciousfried dishesas well as deliciousroast leg of lamb.Whileinthe performance area,releasethemost exciting, crazyentertainment,there is a small"LadyGaga",Michael Jacksonand other celebritiesimpersonations, theatrical performancesfor the wholevenueclimaxafter another.Also interspersed withtheatrical performancesduring thetournamentdrinking andlucky draw, sothe audienceparticipationfor a drinkbut also canget aluckyprizein addition tofreshTsingtao beer, as well asexquisiteumbrellasand so on.Binzhoucan be describedso that the generalpublicsee themwithdelicious food.

Binzhou HotelQingdao Beer Festivalandpassion, openness, fashionTsingtao beerculture, and constantlypassionintoBinzhouthis pieceof landfor thegeneral public to provideacultural experience,a good place forcasualsummer living!